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Brief History

The Avon Park Housing Authority (APHA) has a simple mission – to provide qualified families with safe, decent and affordable housing of the highest quality within available funding. Given the current economic challenges most communities face, the methods for executing & delivering this mission have become extremely critical.

The Housing Authority has focused its related activities to maximize the limited funding available to enable improvement the properties it owns, explore new development opportunities in a wider range of neighborhoods and expand partnerships with others who are stakeholders to meet their mission.

For nearly 50 years, the APHA has created, maintained and managed affordable rental housing in the City of Avon Park, Florida. Subsidized public housing developments such as Lakeside Park and Delaney Heights are valued communities and home to 113 families and seniors with very limited income.

The APHA has also set aside 16 additional rental subsidized apartments for families that have become or are about to be homeless. Ridgedale Apartments, added to the APHA property portfolio in 2008, is another 36 unit recently renovated affordable subsidized rental property for families of very low income. Lastly, the crown jewel of the APHA, constructed in 2012, North Central Heights, a beautiful 72 single family home affordable rental housing development nestled in the heart of Avon Park is home to working low to moderate income families.

We invite you to explore our more detailed on line community showcase and to get to know the Housing Authority and the wonderful things our dedicated staff does to provide housing, strengthen our communities and create a place our families are proud to call home.

The Housing Authority of the City of Avon Park, Florida (APHA) was created by the City of Avon Park by a Declaration of Need Resolution on October 11, 1965 for the purpose of promoting slum clearance and perpetuating affordable rental housing for individual and families of very low income living in Avon Park, Florida.

The APHA subsequently pursued and obtained funding from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to construct and maintain low income Public Housing living units for 80 families (Lakeside Park) and 50 elderly/disabled (Delaney Heights). The 130 Public Housing units serving the referenced housing population are subsidized by HUD through federal Public Housing Operating Funds. In 2008 the APHA acquired a 36 unit apartment complex (Ridge dale Apartments). This property is also assisted by HUD through a Section 8 Project Based extremely low rent subsidy program.

Cornell Colony was established in 2015, contains 44 single family homes constructed of masonry block, all 3 bedrooms, two full bath, energy efficient electric, washer& dryer hook up and outside storage bin. Each home has a front porch and 1,350 sq. Ft. living space.

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