Family Self-Sufficiency Program

Avon-VetsatWork1croppedWe’re here to help.

We’ll give you a hand … to stand on your own two feet.  Our Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program helps you meet the challenges of becoming economically self-sufficient. From budgeting, job training and placement to childcare, and transportation, we help you overcome the barriers to self-sufficiency.

Through this program, families learn to set and reach goals. Each family has a Case Manager working with them to identify goals that will help them become self-sufficient and economically independent. An escrow account is set up for the resident. A portion of the resident’s rent will be set aside in an escrow to be used by the resident to reach the goal of homeownership.

If a resident wants to participate in the FSS Program, he or she would have to enter into a contract with APHA for a period of five years. The rent amount on the effective date of the Contract of Participation is considered the baseline rent. As the resident’s rent goes up because of increases in earned income, the difference between the new rent and the baseline rent is deposited into the escrow account. For example, if the baseline rent is $50 and the rent increases to $300 due to employment, approximately $250 is deposited into the escrow account each month, resulting in $3,000 saved over a 12-month period. Five years of saving could be used to pay off debts or to put a down payment on a car or to buy a home.

The FSS provides services to the residents such as childcare, transportation, computer classes, money smart classes, Fresh Start classes, homeownership classes, entrepreneurship classes, health education classes, GED classes, credit counseling, personal counseling, parenting skills classes, a quarterly newsletter monthly calendars, and career assessments and mentoring. The Case Manager may also recommend other monthly workshops.

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