North Central Heights equals local jobs

North Central Heights - Avon Park Housing AuthorityPublished by News Sun Feb 13, 20122

AVON PARK — A low-income housing development in Avon Park on North Central Avenue is not only adding 72 new housing units, it is creating jobs.

And that is good news for many in the community.

According to North Central Heights project superintendent Jim Steelman, a lot of the $9 million spent on the project is being spent locally.

Steelman works for Arnco Construction form Kissimmee, the group that won the bid for the Avon Park project.

“Most of the work is being done by local contractors. We have the framing, the electrical, the landscaping, the site work, all of that was done by local sub-contractors,” Steelman said.

“It makes sense really, as long as the local guys are competitive, then you save on the travel time. Using the local sub-contractors is smart business,” Steelman said.

From start to finish, according to Steelman, local companies have supplied materials and locals have been hired to work on the only project of this size Avon Park has had in a long time.

“Excavation Point turned the dirt, and the local guy right over there is doing the landscaping,” Steelman said, pointing at the landscaping and irrigation company across the road.

“This project has kept 60 to 75 people employed in a very tough economy. That is definitely good news,” Steelman said.

Larry Shoeman, executive director of the Avon Park Housing Authority, agrees with Steelman’s assessment.

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