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History Background

cropped-CurrentHomePageHeader.jpgThe Housing Authority of the City of Avon Park, Florida (APHA) was created by the City of Avon Park by a Declaration of Need Resolution on October 11, 1965 for the purpose of promoting slum clearance and perpetuating affordable rental housing for individual and families of very low income living in Avon Park, Florida. The APHA subsequently pursued and obtained funding from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to construct and maintain low income Public Housing living units for 80 families (Lakeside Park) and 50 elderly/disabled (Delaney Heights). The 130 Public Housing units serving the referenced housing population are subsidized by HUD through federal Public Housing Operating Funds. In 2008 the APHA acquired a 36 unit apartment complex (Ridge dale Apartments). This property is also assisted by HUD through a Section 8 Project Based extremely low rent subsidy program. In 2010 the APHA obtained the necessary funding to construct a 72 single family affordable rental housing development that it will also own and manage, bringing the collective managed inventory to a total of 238 rental units.

Property Management Staffing

The APHA, governed by a City appointed Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, performs its day-to-day operations through the guidance of a chief executive officer titled Executive Director. In addition to the Executive Director, administrative staff includes a Comptroller, Facilities Manager, Housing Specialist, Receptionist, Administrative Clerk, Data Processing Clerk, Resident Initiatives Coordinator and Maintenance Mechanics.

Property Management Duties, Functions & Operations

The collective areas of responsibilities required by the APHA staff to manage its inventory include, but are not limited to the following skill performance requirements

  • Individual and collective Project Financial Management
  • Management Staffing, Training, and Personnel Allocation
  • Marketing/Leasing Management
  • Physical Management/Ongoing & Preventative Maintenance
  • Utility Management
  • Tax, Insurance, Compliance & Debt Servicing
  • Credentialing

The APHA subscribes to the practice of providing ongoing training & certification credentialing for its staff. Areas of industry recognized proficiency secured by APHA staff include Tax Credit Property Management Certification, Public Housing Management Certification, Section 8 Assistance Certification, Fair Housing Compliance Certification, Accounting-Advanced Budgeting & Year End Accounting, State of Florida Community Association Managers License, State General Contractors License, State of Florida Real Estate Salesperson License.

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